read: the honest life

This post was originally published on 5/7/13.

Last week I shared some of my favorite green beauty products, and  I had to share my an updated version of this post from my old blog with thoughts on Jessica Alba‘s book, The Honest Life.

Point-blank: it’s awesome.  It’s changed my life.


For me, it’s about the fact that eco, clean, whole, and honest living does not have to be beige and frumpy (the latter being my word, not hers), nor expensive and unobtainable.

Hello.  Where has this been my entire life?

It is practical.  Incredibly relatable (immensely, for me!).  Authentic.  Attainable.  Encouraging. Everything.

Honestly, it reassures me that I am not crazy for questioning certain things/ingredients, or being obsessed with what’s in our food, care products, cleaning supplies, etc., and constantly questioning our options.  Or being frustrated that such “options” are dull, ugly and boring.

I am a curious girl; I am nosey and passionate.  I was a journalism major in college, and I’m all about doing research, gathering facts and reviews.  At home, I am also about doing our best to live as well as we can, with what we have.  In our style, on our time, with the grace of God.  As I expressed in my green beauty post, it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start without feeling like you have to completely overhaul your entire house.  This book breaks it down and explains how to get started.  And it’s encouraging!

Before I start rambling (clearly, this book is resonating with me a ton!), I’ll just leave you with this:  The Honest Life is a great resource that I think every girl should at least flip through for the education alone.  It’s worth it.

I love it so much, and it continues to be a great guide for me and our home.  And I will surely write more in the future about green choices, so I wanted to stop and share one of the roots of it all.

Two years after I first read the book, we continue to purchase at least one Essentials Bundle per month, swear by their products, highly recommend the company and the lifestyle.

Have you ready any great books lately?  What are your thoughts on honest living? Share in the comments below!

xo, s

*the links in this post are in no way sponsored. Jessica Alba and The Honest Company have no idea who I am, nor will I receive anything for this post.

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