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I recently faced a huge attack of seasonal allergies and upon reading this article last week, I realized how important it is to talk about making every meal count for our health.

Cooking at home isn’t always pretty.  It isn’t always epic or worth an Instagram post, but it shouldn’t be crappy and fattening, either. I’m all about sweet indulgences and I’m one of the biggest snackers you’ll ever meet, but most of the time I am mindful about the ingredients we’re putting past our lips.

While food television is inspiring and mouth-watering, we should be wise in our own kitchens instead of pressured into imitating what we see.  It’s like those soda commercials, or fast food chain advertisements. The acting consumers seem like they’re happily enjoying those products, and they do a great job marketing to us – they should, it’s their job! – but we can be smart about where we spend our money.  Even if an all-organic diet isn’t your jam, you can be entertained by food television rather than swayed by butter and refined sugar.

My decisions in the kitchen are highlighted when we’re under-the-weather. That’s when I truly think about our food. And when I feel better because of choices I made while ill, I’m reminded that these choices matter and I’m grateful that it works.

Though my co-workers were offering me allergy pills, I found the answer in my kitchen.  Now, after a weekend of soup packed with homemade stock and nutrient-dense vegetables (including a ton of parsley, which I read has more vitamin c per serving than an orange!), shots of apple cider vinegar, dashes of essential oils, lots of honey, and eliminating dairy, I can breathe!  And now I can eat cheese again. . .

When I’m able to heal from sickness or allergies by using natural whole foods and ingredients, I am motivated to amp up the vitamin intake using what’s available more often.  I do this by buying organic produce and meat, incorporating nutritious spices and herbs, and making my own stocks and sauces.

Meals in my home are not complicated or multi-course (we have breakfast for dinner at least once per week).  In fact, dinner typically comes together in less than one hour (hallelujah!).  That said, I’m proud of what goes on the table because it’s prepared carefully and thoughtfully at home with the best ingredients we can afford.

And every time I take plates back to a messy kitchen and full sink, the reality strikes that I have the best husband in the world who doesn’t mind cleaning up.

Win, win.

Talk Back: What goals do you have in the kitchen?  Share your tips and tricks, or troubles and questions, in the comments.

XO, s

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