the love of food + people

food_peopleIn case you haven’t noticed, I love food.  I love eating, cooking, baking. I love shopping for food and kitchenware. I love preparing meals for people I love and people I do not know. I love sharing food and dining out. Mostly, I love sitting at the table – mostly for the food, but also because the table and food together creates this incredible moment of community and fellowship and quality time.

My philosophy on food is simple: use fresh (organic) ingredients, elevate simple dishes with big flavor, create nourishing meals, and share it.  Put your soul into it.

Don’t do it for Instagram or Twitter, don’t do it for the blog or because of Pinterest. Do it, make it, cook it, bake it (BOP it?) for the love and joy of food and people.

I seem to always find my center in the kitchen and at the table.  It’s not entirely about the food.  Trust me, the ingredients and the preparation and recipes and knife skills matter to me. Cleanliness in the kitchen totally matters. And that’s part of it.  But when you have those things down, when the knife becomes a part of your arm and the recipes are like background music to your daily life, and laughter and relationships take the front seat, you can see what it’s truly all about.

Few things bring me greater joy than a full house, belly laughter and abundant life under our roof, centered around the food. Great flavors, simple ingredients and incredibly special touches.  Beyond the chopping, measuring, roasting and plating, it’s the time spent at the table, talking between bites and clinking glasses and lingering through dessert brings me a depth of joy that I can’t find on my own.

Even when I’m exhausted on a Thursday and we’re out of leftovers, I find that when I muster up enough effort to whip up some pancakes for dinner, and we can sit down to pause and eat together, I feel alive.  My heart is filled and my day is made.  I’m grateful for the gift of food + people.  For the treasure of the table.

Maybe you’ve been yearning for that sense of community and energy.  Maybe you can find it at the table.

Whether you’re newly married, engaged, single or you’ve been married and entertaining for years, I encourage you to dust off those cookbooks, scroll through your contact list, and start inviting people over. Let’s make gathering more of a regular occurrence instead of one that’s saved for holidays or special occasions.

You don’t have to be Martha or Ina or Giada or Rachael.  Start where you are with what you have.  Take-out pizza and salad.  Brownies and ice cream.  Wine and cheese.  Taco Tuesday (my personal fave).  Popcorn and beer.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  Coffee and muffins.  Go for it.  It’s about breaking bread and being with your people.

I hope that what you find when you open your door and set your table, perhaps with takeout boxes or frozen pizza, is a deeper sense of community and heart-filled with joy.

Talk Back: What’s your favorite memory from the table?  What brings you this kind of joy and energy?  Share in the comments!

xo, modern housewife

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