spring cleaning & why i don’t have a housekeeping schedule

springclean 15I know it was snowing last week in some parts of our country, but it is fully Spring in Vegas. We are seriously blessed this time of year and I totally embrace it because I know that by July 15th or so, it will literally feel like hell. But right now, the temp is warm and it’s sunny and I couldn’t be happier to Spring Forward for the sake of enjoying this time of year.

Along with warmer temperatures comes the motivation to lighten up our homes and perhaps do some deep cleaning, so I want to share some of my favorite products that I use around my home.

First, let me say that I don’t really get the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing. Why wait until it’s beautiful out to sort through your stuff, or scrub your floor boards? Keep up with it throughout the seasons so you’re not stuck in a cloud of dust while everyone is sunbathing … right? I feel much more fulfilled if my home is clean and clear all-year-long. That’s the goal, anyway;)

Speaking of goals and cleaning throughout the year, can I have a word on the whole housekeeping schedule thing?  It does not work for me.

There.  I said it.  As much as I desire to create a clean, fresh and warm abode for my husband and I to dwell in, cleaning on any sort of schedule is not for me.  Maybe it’s because I’m a creative person and I love projects – the kind where you can complete it and walk away.  Routine cleaning does not fall in line with that and I am not, therefore, one of those totally organized housewives.  I admire you.  I read your blog posts on how you make it happen and look up to the way you keep track of when to vacuum or wipe the counters or scrub the toilets.  Or dust on the same day every week.  (Please, no white gloves here.)

I used to think this was something I needed to work on, but I rest a bit easier when I realize I just do it differently.  When I have a few minutes, I clean and sanitize the counters, and while I’m at it, the toilets too.  The kitchen gets more attention because I’m crazy about the environment in which our food is prepared.  And even though we don’t keep a housekeeping routine, our place is never dirty.

The goal is a clean and safe home.  Not anxiety and stress from trying to do-it-all like everyone else.  So I can confidently say to my fellow no-schedule housewives, it’s OK.  Somehow, without a schedule, cleaning still doesn’t become an overwhelming project.  So please, if it hurts you to have chores on your Google calendar, remove it immediately and go about it in a more relaxed when-I-have-a-minute way. (Let me know how it goes!)

With that said, it should be no surprise to regular readers, but my clean-home lineup consists exclusively of The Honest Company collection. In my quest to find eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners that are free from artificial fragrances and dyes, I started with Honest.

I find that the products are good for my home and not harmful to your skin or clothes. I never feel grimy after I’ve cleaned, the way I used to with conventional products. Honest makes it simple to get started in green-cleaning, and since the results have been fantastic, I’ve continued to keep my home stocked with these effective, plant-based products.

*This line-up of products was originally shared on my old blog last year, and I’m still using the exact same things today!

The Multi-Surface cleaner is used on my kitchen counters, door knobs and handles, trash bins, on dust cloths for furniture, and almost every other surface. I use it daily, and find I can go longer between deep cleans (which require more concentrated formulas, list to come). The white grapefruit scent is lovely.

The Bathroom Cleaner is brilliant. It comes in eucalyptus mint and includes tea tree, so it definitely gets the job done and removes hard water stains and soap scum while preventing build-up. I use it on bathroom counters, sinks, shower walls and toilets. It smells naturally clean and fresh and disinfects without harsh bleaches.

The Toilet Cleaner is pretty powerful stuff. No funky blue formulas, just a thick clear gel with eucalyptus and tea tree, that coats and immediately freshens up the bowl. Use a regular toilet scrub brush to wipe away build up and flush!

I use the Floor Cleaner in my floor mop thing. It’s similar to the Swiffer Wet Jet, but uses a machine washable cleaning pad, and has a spray-container for any formula. It’s perfect! It’s a rinse-free formula so you can get your floors clean quickly, without a wait-til-it-dries period. And again, the scent is all-natural.

I use the Glass + Window cleaner on my mirrors and shower doors. It does have a vinegar smell to it, so I’ll typically use it prior to the Bathroom Cleaner because I prefer that scent. Other than that, the 4-ingredient formula works wonders! Way more effective than conventional glass cleaners, for sure. No streaks, just easily cleaned surfaces in no time.

I’ll post my favorite DIY Home Cleanser recipes soon, but in the meantime, I urge you to check out Honest for serious spring cleaning & regular up-keep.

Talk Back: What green cleaning products do you love to use?  Do you have a housekeeping schedule?  Whether you do or don’t, share your method in the comments!

xo, mh

Note: This post includes my affiliate and referral links for products I personally purchase, enjoy and recommend. If you click these links and purchase the product, I receive a small commission or credit. Other than that, this post is not sponsored at all. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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