cinco de mayo a.k.a party on a weekday!


*not my best chalkboard sign… but it’s one that drew up right before guests arrived at our fiesta last year.

Last year, we threw a Cinco de Mayo fiesta with a group of friends and it was epic.  Seriously.  What we assumed would be a small get together with good food and a couple of games ended up being a night I will not soon forget.  At one point, perhaps a little woozy from the triple sec in two margaritas, I shouted, “I didn’t know it was going to be this much fun!” during piñata time in the backyard.

At the end of the night, Sean and I paused before diving head first into the mountains of dirty dishes and crumb-laden floors.  We took a deep breath together (important!), and both exhaled with very satisfied sighs. That was fun. That was worth it.

Our party came together quickly, with a couple of my like-minded girlfriends agreeing that it should happen.  One was in charge of decor and margaritas, and I was on the chicken quesadilla bar and Mexican brownies with cinnamon ice cream.  Someone brought chips and salsa, one couple brought guacamole and another brought rice.  Everyone brought beverages.  There were sombreros and fiesta flags, and four piñatas.  And then there was a battle of the sexes round of Heads Up.

Need inspiration for your upcoming fiesta?  See my tips below!

cinco de mayo

This is not my typical style, but party store accessories will do for Cinco de Mayo!  Something about cheesy pre-made decorations made this party effortlessly fun.
Fiesta flags: hang them across your ceiling for maximum fiesta-effect.
Photo backdrop: what’s a fiesta without a mariachi band anyway?
– Tissue paper fringe: the laser cut flags can be pricey, so supplement with bright colored tissue paper flags, particularly above the food or empty wall space.

The plastic decorations and paper plates with sombrero printed napkins are complemented best with a fantastic spread.
– Quesadilla bar: cook up and shred a bunch of chicken, shredded cheeses, carmelized onions, and roasted bell peppers.  Add jalapenos, salsa, guacamole and sour cream.
*set up your panini maker so everyone can stuff and melt their own!
– Snacks: chips and your favorite Mexican dips.
– Drinks: Mexican beer + margaritas!
– Dessert: Mexican brownies (let me know if you want my recipe) + homemade cinnamon ice cream.

– Piñata!  Make sure you have enough (we had four) for everyone to take a whack at it, and of course, stuff them with delicious candy.
– Heads Up: If you have not yet downloaded the app, you need to immediately.  This is the perfect game to have on-hand for any get together.  Go battle of the sexes style (especially if you have 9 couples there, like we did) for maximum fun competition.

– Music: Pandora has a Cinco de Mayo station.  I had no idea until I searched it last year, and it was perfection.
– Movie: We played Nacho Libre on loop.

I wish I had a ton of great photos to share from last year, but I think every fabulous and memorable party goes a bit undocumented.  Especially the spontaneous kind that come together with lots of fun, creative hands and great company.

Talk Back: Do you have any suggestions for a great fiesta?  Let me know in the comments section!

xo, mh.


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