work it out

work it outThree months into my return to the barre, and I can say that I regret ever leaving. But life happens, and sometimes that takes us away from what we know is best for our lives. Barre workouts are the best I’ve ever done. It’s 55 minutes at a time. Someone tells me exactly what to do and how to do it, and even corrects me. More than that, the instructors encourage me by name. It’s an intimate class setting, but everyone is so focused, you don’t have time or energy to waste on feeling insecure or wonder what anyone thinks of you. You feel muscles you forgot you had, or never knew were there, and you find that you are stronger than you think. Maybe it’s a little mind over matter but also motivation from results.

My Short Story

I used to go to The Bar Method (TBM) in Point Loma, and I’ve gotta say that I miss it.   Maybe it was the windows around the studio or the playlists or the instructors.  It was my pre-wedding workout that I continued for three months after the big day until we decided to relocate and I’m embarrassed to say it has been that long since I exercised regularly.

I think part of the (silly) reason it took me so long to sign up at my local Pure Barre (PB) is because I missed TBM, which we don’t have in my city.  Rather than find something new, I didn’t even try.  And instead of going on and on about the importance of exercise for both your mind and body, let’s get on with this article…

That said, finally signing up and finding a routine back at Pure Barre in February makes me feel strong again. It’s a release of self-doubt and denial. I need this, and this is the studio that’s 7 minutes from home.  No excuses.

Yes, these workouts are pricey – OK, they’re really expensive – but when I get results (toned arms and legs, etc.) and feel confident that it’s working for me, and I am healthy despite my food obsession and frequent indulgences, I can no longer deny that this is the workout for me in this season of my life. Pay now or pay later, right?

This is how I PB:

  • I prefer to pay the one-month unlimited classes auto-renew option, with a personal goal of attending at least 3 sessions per week.
  • At TBM, I was able to go to the early morning class before work, which I prefer.  At PB, the early class is not early enough for me to wash up and get to work, so I attend evening classes during the week and one weekend morning.  Again, this is what works for me based on the schedule provided.
  • I highly recommend the sticky socks. They sell them at the studio for $14 a pop, but it has been so worth it. Once I forgot to do laundry and wore regular socks – planks and push-ups are not the same without the stability provided by those teeny tiny little sticky dots.
  • Water is essential for a great workout (for me). Barre requires heavy breathing and big exhales, which cause my mouth to become unbearably dry. I blame the desert climate, and always bring my own water.  Sometimes I feel like I’m going to start dry heaving. A swig of water keeps me from getting distracted, and a lot of focus makes me get over the feeling.
  • I love that PB has its own app.  This makes signing up for classes and canceling when needed a total cinch.  You can monitor your attendance and payments on it as well.
  • Shaking equals change! You’ll only understand if you experience it yourself.

This post is not sponsored. The opinions and notes are my own, and I pay for my membership in full. I love this workout and hope this might inspire someone to get moving and work it out.

Talk Back: What exercise makes you feel strong and healthy?  Share in the comments!

xo, mh

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