entertaining in the heat of summer

summer entertaining

Happy May!  I’m not sure where you live or where you’re reading this, but where write and live it gets hot. When the temperature rises beyond my personal tolerance (of about 85), I can become a total home-body and never want to live my wonderfully air-conditioned home.  While this time of year can be prone to afternoon naps and fruit for dinner, warm summer weather also means there’s more daylight for entertaining — even if that means simple sandwiches for dinner indoors or dessert on the patio with frozen margaritas. Something about the summer months makes me want to celebrate, despite my lazy mood.

summer entertaining tipsTo help me go from sleepy-pants to hostess in no time, here are some of my favorite tips for easy entertaining in the heat of summer:

  • Stock the refrigerator: have home-brewed iced teas and fresh-squeezed lemonade stashed. You’ll also want to keep water chilled. I use these glass bottles.
  • Freezer treats: for an easy dessert that can be kicked up with homemade sauces or cookies, keep your favorite gourmet ice cream or sorbet on hand, or your machine’s freezer bowl frozen solid to quickly whirl up something sweet as soon as you invite your friends for dinner.  Our favorite brands are Talenti, Three Twins and Strauss.
  • Citrus: keep lots of citrus around for dressing salads, brightening up tea or sangria, or snacking on clementines.  Citrus is a must for warm months!
  • No mayo: truth is, I don’t like mayo any time of the year, but especially during Spring and Summer.  Rather than fuss over the temperature of your pasta salad, chicken salad, or sandwich spreads during spontaneous afternoon get-togethers, omit the condiment altogether.  Instead, opt for oil-based dressings with lots of seasoning or spice, and use avocado for chicken salad (one of my favorite recipes ever). 
  • Decor: printed placemats or a table runner will brighten up your space, along with a full fruit bowl (with all that citrus!).  Stick with monochrome flowers in simple vases for a pretty touch.

As I write this, my brain is exploding with all of my summer entertaining tips, thus a series is born!  More recipes and ideas to come.

Talk Back:  Send me your questions on entertaining in the heat of the summer in the comments section.  Let me know what you want to know about simple yet fabulous ways to have fun with friends this summer!

xo, mh

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