Break For Balance

break for balance titlePart of my blogging journey is believing that it’s OK to take a break.  It’s OK if two or three weeks fly by without a post, if it means I’m working hard or slowing down.  The fact that this blog is not my day job is a blessing in the sense that I don’t have to do it.  If I have back-to-back weekend trips during a very busy season at work, I can intentionally step away from the blog.  I don’t ever want to post just to post, because I’m a blog lover and can smell superficial posting a mile away.  I want to be intentional about this community that we build here, the blurbs that are published, and the time spent away from it all.

It’s all about pursuing balance.  And what I’ve learned is that a break for balance can look … unbalanced.  It means that I am focusing on work, or a busy travel season, or personal experiences, rather than the routine of blogging.  When work and my personal life are busy, this blog will get quiet.  When work is slow and life is steady, this blog is going to be poppin’.  It’s all good.

When I think about intentionally seeking balance in the height of busy seasons, I realize how important it is in my world of being a modern housewife, to be able to lean on your spouse.  If Sean has a long stretch of work days, I plan meals accordingly, make sure the laundry is done and keep our home tidy, so that when he is home he can relax, recharge and we can spend quality time together. If I’m facing deadlines and my writing load is heavy, or I’m preparing for a big event at work, Sean takes over some of the things I would normally do.  He makes the best scrambled eggs and quesadillas around and does amazing things like vacuum the stairs, making things incredibly easy for me.

While that is a very surface-level peek at what a true partnership can look like, I think it’s the simple things like alleviating task loads or stepping up emotionally for one another that gets us to the other side of busy without totally losing it.

All this to say, marriage is an empowering blessing that brings out the best of who I was created to be – believer, writer, wife, home cook, friend and sister – allowing breaks in routine to be more balanced and productive.  Amen? Amen.


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