essentials for a weekend getaway

weekend getaway titleThis summer is all about the long weekend getaway for us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Instead of taking one big, expensive trip by ourselves, we’re making three quick jaunts (twice to our favorite place on earth) to help break up the monotony of summer and get out of the heat more than once.

Just because our little vacations will be somewhat short, doesn’t mean I will pack a lot lighter. But, it does mean that I have to think carefully about what goes in the suitcase!

In time for the holiday weekend, here are my 14 essentials that I’ll be hauling this summer – in no particular order:

1. Face wipes – Honest 3-in-1 facial wipes (by the way, these are amazing!)
2. CC cream stick.  For the relaxed, light makeup kind of days.
3. Sun protection.  Not surprisingly, my preferred brand is Honest, and the stick version is perfect to keep in my purse to easily reapply on-the-go.
5. Tarte lip crayon for evenings out.
6. KIND bars because airplane peanuts aren’t enough.
7. Headbands are required for fun memories.
8. Hand sanitizer and wipes.  Especially if you’re hitting the beach or eating sticky sweets in the sun.
9. Uber/Lyft apps if you’re in a city that allows them.
10. First Aid items – bandages, pain killers, healing balm.
11. Moisturizer.  Don’t forget to moisturize in the heat!
12. Refillable water bottle.
13. Domino and Vogue are my preferred travel mags.
14. All the chargers!  I recently left my phone charger at home when I went away for work (thank goodness my coworkers on the trip had the same familiar phone), and will never do that again.

Talk Back:  What’s in your carry-on luggage?  And where are you headed this summer?

xo, mh

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  I only recommend products I use and purchase with my own money.

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