three things in three years

threeyears_titleThis week marks three years since we packed up a moving truck and left our seaside home.  It’s a bittersweet anniversary, and to celebrate that momentous decision in the first few months of our marriage, I’ve come up with three things that I’ve discovered in three years.  Exciting, I know.

I just can’t quit the blog.

Cue the violins because I’m just another writer with a miserable process that includes procrastination, self-doubt, crumpled drafts and tears.  There’s also laundry and cakes to bake and chickens to roast before I can even think about pouring a glass of wine and sitting down to place my flurry of thoughts in a meaningful post. And even after many years resisting and pretending I don’t care, I realize that I do.  This space is important to me, and so is the journey to discovering what it’s all about.

I’m a San Diego girl at heart. 

Back in 2010, I had been living in SD for two and half years [what would be the halfway  point in my residency there] and was back home for Christmas.  My sisters instantly teased me for talking ‘like a Californian’ and acting like one too.  I resisted.  Oh, did I resist and decline and tell them they were wrong.  Fast-forward to a few months into our move, Sean came home to a pathetic ugly-crying wife.  I didn’t have a decent job and basically didn’t have any friends.  It took almost a year for either of those things to turn any corners, but what I really found was that I missed more than my work and girlfriends.  I missed the community and the way I felt complete before … there.  I didn’t know it in that sad, tired moment.  I spent my most formative adult years in SD, and went through a lot of life in the five short years I lived there.  I healed from different kinds of brokenness and found my true love in that city by the sea.  It’s more than sunny and 72; it’s spiritual, light and airy, and everything I know about love and adventure.  Moving away taught me this and at last, I can totally embrace being that California girl.

People are everything. 

Who knew we would move to a place that isn’t completely us and meet friends that are totally our people?  Our Author writes it best; we were planted here with purpose and it’s kind of up to us to thrive.  And I believe, it wasn’t until we met the right people that we were truly able to live, dwell, discover and grow here.  We’re better for it – as a couple, as individuals, as a part of something bigger than we could have imagined.  The friends we’ve made, the fellowship that has happened and all the blessings added have me in awe.  What I know now is that these relationships, these communities don’t always happen.  Not everyone has it.  When you do, you, though, cherish it and build on it and embrace it because it is a beautiful thing.

It’s the girlfriends I’ve made in the past couple of years that have given me confidence to be me just by being them.  They’ve made this place feel a lot more like home.  And that alone has been worth the move.

xo, mh

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One Response to three things in three years

  1. clbareman says:

    Love this Shea :) I am with you…can’t seem to quit the blog thing, even though it is tough to bring my best…the struggle is real. And YES people are everything, having a solid community is huge and I think older I get the more I really appreciate it. Well said, girl.


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