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likeloveshare titleSigh. It’s Friday!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  Whether it was your first week back at class, your kids’ first week of a brand-new school year, just another work week or perhaps today marks the beginning of yours, cheers!  There’s something about Fridays that gives me a fresh attitude and new energy.  Probably because I’m really great at relaxing and make the most of my time away from the office.

To help you unwind, here’s what I’m liking, loving and sharing this week:

  • I’ve been following along Elise’s creative journey for a few years and think it’s absolutely rad and makes so much sense that she has created a goal-oriented agenda.  The newest edition is a January-December 2016 version and is now available for pre-order.
  • This is the planner I’ve been using for the past year.  I am currently debating whether or not to buy the same one to use for the next 17 months.
  • I’m not completely hip to the podcast thing, but there are a few on my radar.  Lately, I’m loving the Sorta Awesome podcast.  My favorite episodes so far have been on hospitality and friendships.  Predictable, I know.
  • My second annual apple dinner party is still months away, but seeing this apple tart tatin pan sparked early inspiration.  It’s expensive, even on sale, and it isn’t the sort of kitchen item I would invest in, but isn’t it adorable?
  • I’ve always had a thing for stationery, and still believe in sending paper thank you cards, holiday greetings and thoughtful notes unattached to a special occasion via snail mail.  If you think pretty paper products are on their way out, this list of 10 designers will swoon the doubt away and make a fan outta you!

This post is not sponsored and I receive no compensation for sharing the links included here.  Just sharing.

Happy weekend!


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2 Responses to like. love. share.

  1. clbareman says:

    Shea! I love your blog- it feels like I get to talk to you :) I totally agree about the Sorta Awesome Podcast & I thought of you when I heard both of those episodes, funny. Hope you are great! Thanks for sharing!


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