favorite ingredients: honey + nut butter edition

favorite ingredients_honeynutbutterLast week I tweeted about the multiple varieties of honey and nut butter I have and it made me think about the ingredients that are must-haves and will-splurge-for items.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.36.17 PMToday, it’s all about honey and nut butter.

I’m not sure how this happened, but there are currently four varieties of honey in my pantry. Including three jars of my absolute favorite and two jars of a local version (in hopes of kicking seasonal allergies out the window).  The others are a semi-local one someone gave me and a raw honey from the grocery store.

Main Ingredient: My absolute favorite is Wee Bee Raw Honey. I found it for the first time at Whole Foods. When that first jar was getting low, I noticed the shelf was empty. So every time I shopped I looked for it, but it wasn’t there. Eventually the empty shelf was turned over to another brand and my heart was broken. I’ve not loved a brand of honey as much as I adored this one. One day I walked into a colleague’s office and saw a jar of Wee Bee. Immediately, I asked her where she bought it and she expressed how the website she usually purchases it from in bulk was no longer selling it! I was not alone! We both found it on an alternate website, and recently, she dropped a jar off at my desk. She’s a lovely person. I have since received my shipment of two jars, which should last me through the holidays.

Anyway, I love using raw honey as a natural sweetener in coffee and plain yogurt, with scones and toast, or slathered on a peanut butter spread cracker. But I’ve also found it to be a very handy beauty item.

I have my share of kitchen warrior scars – burns from being quick and fearless. One time, I burned myself on a cookie sheet and instantly remembered the multiple health benefits of raw honey. In that moment, I smeared a bit of Wee Bee on the burn spot and instantly felt a relief from pain. For the following two days, I applied a mixture of coconut oil and raw honey on the burn and the mark was gone within a few a days! I have burn marks from years ago so this was a pleasant reality.

My other favorite ingredient is peanut butter. Currently, we have a coconut macadamia nut version from our trip to Hawaii, an organic Valencia peanut butter (no sugar) from San Diego, a standard organic peanut butter from Whole Foods and a jar of Barney Butter almond butter.

Main Ingredient: the best has to be the one from San Diego, Pacific Beach Peanut Butter’s Organic Valencia version.  We were introduced to this local maker at the Little Italy Farmers’ Market a few years ago, when he sold them in small glass jars and had enough time to tell his story. Back then we bought the white chocolate version and it was fantastic. This time around, years later, we were happy to run into his booth again, this time with lots of samplers and constant buyers. We bought a jar of the organic peanut butter and I am tempted to order a case!  The lucky thing is that he does sell online and is thoughtful enough to remind purchasers visiting from out-of-town to check-in your suitcase so your precious nut butter is not confiscated at the security check. That would cause a meltdown.

I’m excited to start this conversation about our must-have ingredients, because we can learn so much about one another based on what’s in our kitchens, while discovering tasty gotta-try-it-now things.

TALK BACK: So tell me, what’s your favorite honey and/or peanut butter? Any must-haves in your kitchen?

*This post is not sponsored.  The companies mentioned above do not know me, and I am not receiving any compensation for sharing.  I just really like them and want you to check them out, too. 

xo, mh

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