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bookshelfI can’t say that I’m a total bookworm, but I’m finding a lot of joy and amen in books these days.  I’ve recently picked up the titles below and they’re pretty much rocking my world in the best way.  Rather than go on and on about why, I’ll just suggest you check them out this weekend.  Or maybe you’ll totally stop reading my blog because here’s a little further peak into my heart via my current bookshelf…

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey.  Read it very quickly, highlighted and underlined like it was an assignment and loved it.  Can’t wait to read it again very soon because it’s that important to me. This may not be for everyone, but it is so for me.

Rising Strong. This is the first Brene Brown book I’ve read and while I’m just in the middle of it, I know I’m going to have to order her other titles soon.  This book is a powerful resource that I’ll be referring to for a long time.  I love so much about Rising Strong because I’ve been through a lot, and while I have survived, I know that it’s about how you rise and own your story.  Writing the ending, that’s what this is about.  Love.

Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. Interesting and relatable.  It strikes important thoughts and makes me think about my faith journey a lot, past and present.

Clearly, I’m on a non-fiction female voice binge, specifically spiritual and thoughtful text on faith and being a woman and the combination of such.  I’m thinking a lot these days, and working through some things. I’m so, so grateful for these writers.  Much in the way Bread & Wine made my heart thump, these are making me feel less like a total weirdo and more like the woman I was made to be … with curiosity, opinions, falls, victories and heart, all of me.

TALK BACK:  What’s on your bookshelf (should say nightstand but I already created the graphic, oh well)?

Note: This post is not sponsored and the links are not affiliate.  Just sharing! 
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