a sisters’ weekend soiree

xomacpac_titleTwo weekends ago, it was quite a whirlwind.  My three sisters came from three different cities for a weekend sisters’ soiree.  And yes, it was as special and crazy as it sounds.

Throw in our dad’s 60th birthday, a couple of our husbands, a nephew and our youngest brother’s last-minute decision to surprise everyone with a 24-hour appearance from college, and cue the whirlwind.

This weekend extravaganza was inspired because two of our sisters are engaged to be married next year.  It’s a big deal and there’s a lot going on.  My family doesn’t get together as frequently as others who might live closer or have fewer people, so we’ve grown to be intentional about our time with one another.  This time around, it was a girls’ weekend.

xomacpacgirls2Our goal was to be together, the bonus was we would have most of the family together for our dad’s birthday, and the result was a great balance of spontaneous, relaxed fun with a few to-do’s.

More importantly, we connected and spent quality time together that I won’t soon forget.  The conversations we shared, the growth and maturity we discovered in one another and individually is invaluable.  We spent time chatting and sharing about our journeys, our spirituality, our prayer life, on being wives and women in church.  Quite frankly, on what matters to each person right now.

xomacpacgirls3It was hard truths and abundant love; endless snacks and cravings; quiet time and movies; laughter and frustration; tears; opinions, secrets and strong voices.

This is what this year has been about for me, really.  Relationship, fellowship, community and engagement.  Being intentional.

I think it’s going really well.


xomacpacgirls1It was and it is.

xo, mh

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