fall dinner party invitations

apple dinner 15 invites_title

When I say it all started with the table, it’s true in so many ways. So we’re going to keep celebrating with more of the table, including its anniversary.

A table anniversary.

Last year, we made our first [and only to-date] big furniture purchase and bought a dining table.  A big, 90-inch table.  It’s long and dark, modern and casual, too.

We were so excited last November, that we planned a dinner party for nine the weekend after it was delivered and setup.  Since it was close to Thanksgiving and the there was no shortage of pumpkin sweet and savory recipes, I themed the menu around the other fall fruit: the apple!

Thus, becoming the apple dinner – a name interchangeable with the table party.

I love this table.  And I loved putting “second annual” on the printed invitations for this year’s fete.  Since these have already landed in the hands of my friends, I’m excited to share:

apple dinner 15 invitesI created the text in Photoshop Elements, and had them printed at Office Max on this paper in luxe cream from Paper Source and trimmed them myself.  I used this stamp (also from PS) in black ink for the branches, and watercolor painted the border and apples with a very nervous free-hand.  The invitations were mailed in A7 paper bag color envelopes, again from PS.  Easy and personal.

After feedback and comments I’ve received, I’ve learned that my friends are very familiar with this being the anniversary of the table and I love that.

The fact that this dinner party is an event that we get to share with friends makes it extra-special.  I feel like they get us, and I’m so grateful that they don’t think it’s weird or lame that this all began with a piece of furniture.  Instead they go with it, they show up and act like it’s totally normal.

They’re our people, after all.  And here’s a secret: that’s what this season is all about!

*This post is not sponsored.

xo, mh

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