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Welcome to November.

As a kid, I loved this month because as I recall, there was only one full week of school and the rest of the weeks were short due to holidays and professional development.  That’s all that matters when you’re in school, right?

As an adult, November can be busy, with a full calendar and demanding work schedule for those in retail, and a great desire for a slow-paced break.  We’ll get there.

But, as we’ve learned, we’ll also embrace the chaos, go to the parties and events that we can, and make up for the ones we miss.

As I prepare for the apple dinner and then Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorating (YAY!), this is what I’m liking, loving, and sharing:

  • I saw these winter wonderland espresso mugs a few weeks ago, and I cannot get them out of my head.  Adorable.  Might need them.
  • In case this discussion comes up in your kitchen or at your holiday dinner table, here’s the low-down on sweet potatoes and yams.  I tend to buy the orange ones and always refer to them as sweet potatoes.  And I never buy, use or eat the canned crap or top them with marshmallows or mix them into fruity mush. End rant.
  • I linked to the Sorta Awesome podcast last time, and I need to send you there again.  Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist, was on the latest episode and I can’t wait to read her new release, Out of Sorts.  Yes, I pre-ordered it.  So if you’re a fan like me, give her episode a listen, and then don’t miss episode 30 with Laura!
  • In my search for a great home office chair, I almost considered adding casters to a chic dining chair until I remembered the floors are carpeted.  But great idea, right?
  • Did you catch Lauren Conrad’s Party Animal costumes?  The queen of chic DIY Halloween costumes has done it again!  The result is equal parts genius and clever.  And a contender for next year, for sure.

xo, mh

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