countdown to turkey day


It’s that time, modern housewives.  Time to plan the great feast of the year while juggling a full-time workload packed with print deadlines and preparing for houseguests.  I know it’s not just me, so let’s do this thing together!

Oh my gosh.  Exactly 10 days until the bird hits the table.  Since the apple dinner was less than two weeks ago, I’m uncharacteristically late on drawing up this year’s Thanksgiving plans.  Never fear though, modern housewives.  This isn’t my first dance in the kitchen so I’ve got few staples and tricks on which we can lean.

The photo above is the contents of my first Thanksgiving in 2010.  My girlfriend and I started making menu plans and grocery lists at least eight weeks ahead of time, and we totally impressed ourselves with the outcome.  Five years later, 10 days away from the big feast,  I do not have a lineup.

But thankfully (’tis the season!), I’ve got this blog to set me straight.  Over the next 10 days, it’s all about Turkey Day over here.

For now, let me offer my biggest piece of advice: make a game plan.  I realize I just used two paragraphs to tell you that I’m late to the ballgame, but it isn’t too late to set ourselves up for a very successful holiday.  Over the next couple of days, we’ll settle our menus, write up a prep schedule and make sure we’ve got all the tools and ingredients needed.

Yes, cooking up a big meal can be stressful.  You might even feel a little pressure right now.  But I assure you that there’s another way to do it that will leave you enough time to get a little glam before the grand carving.

So, what’s everyone serving this year?  If you’re headed to a potluck, share what you plan to contribute, and if you’re cooking the main event, let me know which method you choose.  I’m still debating between a couple of options myself.

Anyone ever slow-roasted the turkey?

TALK BACK: Cooking your first feast, or not sure what to bring to your in-laws?  Leave a comment or use #xoturkey on social media.  You might just inspire one of my upcoming posts!  Feel free to leave your blog links, too.

xo, mh

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