countdown to turkey day: the menu

photo (1)It’s that time, modern housewives.  Time to plan the great feast of the year while juggling a full-time workload packed with print deadlines and preparing for house guests.  I know it’s not just me, so let’s do this thing together!  Check out the first post in this series, here.

Before you take inventory of your kitchen tools and spice cabinet or start shopping for platters and serving utensils, you must settle on your menu.

  1. Take into consideration the traditional dishes: roasted turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce.
  2. Decide if you want to try a few new recipes or change the flavor profile altogether.  For instance, slow-roasted BBQ turkey legs are a fantastic option.
  3. If you’re set on a few family favorites, ask for them now so you’re not frantically calling your aunt or grandma from the grocery store trying to remember whether it was whole milk or heavy cream they used in that cheesy potato casserole.
  4. Some things to think about now instead of mid-roast:
    –  How many people will you be serving?
    –  Do any of your guests have dietary restrictions?  If it’s something you’re unfamiliar with, consider asking them to bring a side dish or dessert that they can enjoy.  Even better, ask them to come over and make it with you.  This will help them feel involved, instead of a side burden, and you may learn a few new tricks in the kitchen while you’re at it.
    –  What can your guests bring?  Don’t forget about little things like ice, serving platters or utensils, or extra chairs.  Lock in those favors this week before you forget or someone else calls dibs.

Now grab your sharpie, enlist our good friend Google, bookmark your favorite recipes and narrow it down, Chef!

Next, we’ll create our hunting and gathering and prep timeline.  One thing at a time.

Talk back: What’s on your menu?  Any questions?  Leave a comment or use #xoturkey on social media.

xo, mh

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3 Responses to countdown to turkey day: the menu

  1. Less than 10 days! Can you believe it!? We did a Friendsgiving a couple weeks back and asked everyone to bring some of their favorite family recipes. So many new and yummy recipes!! The hits were definitely the pumpkin soup and Paula Dean garlic cheese biscuits – YUM! Need to get that up on the blog soon – been so busy with getting the Friendsgiving and tablescape up! Enjoying your posts 😊


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