apple butter creme brulee

applebuttercremebrulee_titleThis one is for you, Fun, Yum and Frills!

Since you may be working on your Thanksgiving menu or drawing up your prep schedule, allow me to introduce you to an alternative to your traditional pie recipes.

Sometimes when I have a food dream I do a quick Google search for the item to see if it exists.  Once in a while, I fail to find what I’m looking for and without affirmation of my idea, decide if I’ll try to make it happen anyway.  Most of the time, I find an example or two.

That’s what happened with dessert for the apple dinner.  I thought it would be special to have creme brûlée and wanted to incorporate apples to keep things consistent and on-theme.  I knew I was going to make a ton of apple butter as favors, so I thought – why not add some to the custard?  Is that a thing?  Apple Butter Creme Brûlée?  I Googled it, saw that a few food bloggers had shared their own versions, and that’s about all I needed to confirm this one.  I didn’t even bother to read their recipes.

I turned to my favorite creme brûlée recipe and whisked in some homemade apple butter with the cream.  Voila!  Sweet, silky, apple butter custard capped with a slightly burnt thin layer of sugar (pictured above, just out of the oven).

To make it: I doubled this recipe and followed the instructions listed.  I added my homemade apple butter to the saucepan with heavy cream, 1/2 of the sugar and vanilla.  Whisk it as it heats to make it smooth and evenly distribute the flavor. Complete the recipe as instructed.


TALK BACK: Have you made any unique sweets with apple butter?  Any other fabulous creme brûlée variations I must try?  What sweets are you making for Thanksgiving?  Share in the comments!

xo, mh

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  1. Roselyn George says:

    Shea—this sounds delicious! In fact, all of your recipes sound wonderful! Roselyn


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