countdown to turkey day: shopping lists

photo (1)It’s that time, modern housewives.  Time to plan the great feast of the year while juggling a full-time workload packed with print deadlines and preparing for house guests.  I know it’s not just me, so let’s do this thing together!  Check out the first post in this series here, followed by menu and schedule tips.

In case you are unaware (no judgement, it’s been a hectic month for me, too!), it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Here’s what we need to accomplish this weekend:

  • clean your house and get ready for any overnight guests (fresh sheets and towels, soap in all the bathrooms, etc.)
  • make your grocery list and begin shopping for ingredients
  • plan the decor and complete any projects
  • decide what cook/bakeware, serving items, etc., you need to purchase or borrow
  • start cookin’!

Now, it’s time to write your shopping lists!

First, groceries.  You need a master grocery list.  It’s possible that you’ll need to send someone to the store at the last-minute when the oven is already going and you have two things on the stove, but the more you prepare the less likely you’ll be scrambling on Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Go through the entire menu (of the items you are making), recipe by recipe, and write out each ingredient including quantity needed.  Double-check and cross off any items that you do not need to purchase (like salt.  I’ve got a fresh bottle of pink Himalayan).
  • Figure out if you need to go to multiple stores, and if so, where you will shop for each item.
  • Make sub-lists for each store, and the order in which you’ll shop.

Next, go back to your menu and make note of what you will use to prep, cook and serve each dish.

  • This is your last chance to call in favors.
  • If you aren’t borrowing dishes or utensils, make a list of what you need to purchase.
  • Decide what stores you’ll go to, and if you can add any of these items to your grocery lists (Target, choose Target!).

Lastly, decorations.  Even if you’re a minimalist, you’ll want to add a few special elements to your table and main living areas where your guests will mingle.  This is a holiday after-all.

  • Go through your decor storage areas (closets, offices, garage) and find what you already have on hand that would make you happy.  Set them in a prep/staging area where you will not forget about them. ;)
  • If there’s anything you want to create yourself (place cards, centerpieces, garlands, menus), draw up plans and start projects this weekend.
  • Make a trusty list of what you need to buy.  Include tools for crafting, and unscented candles.
  • Bonus if you can buy your decor items at Target along with some groceries and cookware (now you know how I think!).

Once you’ve written all your lists, have a good snack and get yourself some specialty coffee so you’re not hungry or grumpy while you make your rounds this weekend.  Allow yourself plenty of time and flexibility.  This is a process you should enjoy!  Bring a friend and be sure to treat yourself to something non-Thanksgiving at the end of it (think cocktails and appetizers at a nearby restaurant).

*Always schedule a block of time (two hours if you can) on Tuesday or Wednesday when you can make last-minute trips to a store or two, and keep a running list on your refrigerator (or in your phone) of what you need to pick up.

Lastly, don’t forget to squeeze in some relaxation, and make time for your regular work outs.  I’m headed out to exercise this morning before I get started on the aforementioned lists on lists.

TALK BACK: Any other Thanksgiving prep questions?  Leave a comment or use #xoturkey on social media.  You might inspire one of my upcoming posts.

xo, mh


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