engage_titleAs we turn the page on a new year this weekend, I want to quickly reflect on my one little word: engage.

It’s been a very rich yet relaxed year as I’ve done some soul-searching and stretching.  All the while, engage has been in the back of my mind, as a guide and inspiration for the way I’ve handled situations, conversations and thoughts.

At the start of 2015, I was not sure what this word would mean or how it would translate into my day-to-day life.

I’ve had some great, meaningful quality time, stepped out of my comfort zone if only but for a minute, and even shared tough, necessary conversations.  Time and again, for IF:table lunches, dinner parties, small group and holidays, our table was full of food and friends.  Each meal and every person that gathered with us in 2015 hugely blessed our year.

Engage was a lot about making time and using our blessings to bring others together.  It was about building community, being intentional and so much more.  I want to carry that momentum, including new traditions and ideas, into the new year.

Next week, I’ll announce my word for 2016.  I’ve been dwelling on it for several weeks and I can’t wait to share!

TALK BACK: How did your 2015 one little word impact your year?

xo, mh


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