one little word [2016]

riseMy one little word for 2016 came to me sometime in November and while it scares me, it feels right for this season of my life.


The thing is, I’m good at dwelling and embracing life. I adapt really well to change. In recent years, I’ve grown immensely as a host and home cook. I have fallen into my beloved role as party planner and table person. At this point, a holiday meal for 15 doesn’t scare me and a baby shower for 30 won’t make me flinch.

I’m good at my day job and know that I’m growing professionally.

Last year was about making more of an effort in different areas of my life — especially socially. Beyond the table, it was about stepping out of my comfort zone and led to being physically active on a regular basis and not over thinking in areas where I needed to make a move or say something.

I believe that 2016 is all about rising. Progress. Growth. Confidence. Action. It’s about seeking the call on my life, and answering it with all I’ve got.

Like I said, scary. As I type this, I’m apprehensive and hopeful.

The hope comes from the knowledge and experience gained from growing up and taking responsibility for my life. From embracing my seasons, my opportunities and mistakes. It’s about moving from blessing to blessing and understanding the power placed in my life and how I can possibly make a small mark on this world.

Sure, it sounds ambiguous and I’m the last person to let my head stay in the clouds. So it’s time to take action. Gracefully, mindfully.

If you’re not sure if this one little word thing is for you, Elise and Ali had a great conversation about it here (see episode 79).  You can read about my 2015 word here and here.

TALK BACK: What’s your word for 2016?

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