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If your team (or team-in-law) is in the playoffs – good luck!  If you care less, this is being posted on Sunday for you! ;) Here’s what I’m liking, loving and sharing:

Darling Magazine posted this article on feminism in relation to the kitchen. “Food and cooking is integral to our survival, not to mention the essential role it plays in comforting and nurturing our friends and family. The power that feminism offers is that we have the right to choose, and we should feel empowered in those choices.”  This blog is called Modern Housewife. Need I say more?

Hollywood Housewife’s book list. I set out to read more books in 2015 and I did. That was an easy task because I was in a bit of a lifestyle slump in the area of reading, but I feel like I’m finally in a bit of a groove. The blog community of which I am almost solely a consumer/observer makes it easy to sift through new releases and old classics. A good tip if you’re like me and want to read more yet don’t know where to start: consider what your favorite writers are reading!

I love, love, love burning taper candles for dinner parties and casual nights at home, too. But I have a hard time finding the right holders that are stylish without being too fancy or vintage. These are modern and a little glam, and on sale!  Definitely a contender for my table.

Wintery cabin fever got you yearning for a little road trip to warm places? We typically stay home throughout the holidays, so by this time of the new year, I’m itching to hit the road. Here are some tips to making it happen.

Have you fallen in love with the soft and casual Express One Eleven collection? They started with a few tees, and have evolved beautifully to now include sweaters and bralettes. I’m also loving the cheeky graphics, especially the “fiesta fiesta siesta fiesta” and “bring on the bubbly” ones.  #wishlist

Note: these links are not sponsored and I receive zero things for this post.  Just sharing!

xo, mh

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