shopping online: Thrive Market and more

thriveSince I follow many green beauty gurus and raw foodies on social media, Thrive Market ads have been popping up in my feeds recently and, as with most new subscription services, I ignored it for weeks.  Eventually, I clicked around the site and with an extra 15% off the first purchase and no shipping on a $50 order, I finally decided to load my cart.

My Unsolicited Review
There are an overwhelming amount of categories and brands available on the site – many of which I’ve not used or purchased.  My personal rule of thumb when trying new shopping sites is to buy what I already use to get a good measure of value.  (This is not expert advice or scientific in any way.)

I selected my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toner, face scrub and cleanser.  I added in  body lotion and castille soap because the prices were good and I needed to hit that $50 threshold.

PRO: First of all, the packaging, branding and marketing are fantastic from a customer standpoint.  I’m no expert, but I appreciate details like the thoughtfully designed box in which my order was delivered. I got eight products (shown above) for less than $50.  Retail cost would be about $90.  Score.  Big time score.

Now, remember that this is with an additional 15% off and a free 30-day membership.

CON: Yes, there is a membership fee ($59.95) much like big warehouse stores like Costco.

When I got the reminder email that said “Your Thrive Market trial expires soon,” I had an unofficial budget conversation both in my head and out loud with my husband and ultimately decided to cancel my membership.

The cancellation process included submitting a request and emailing back-and-forth with customer service a couple of times (they tried to change my mind with incentives in which I was not interested).  Overall, easy.

PRO: I highly recommend Thrive Market for those who live in areas that lack health food stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts and Jimbo’s and may not have immediate access to green health and food products.  In fact, this is an AMAZING service for you and would be worth the annual fee.

For me, though, I have access to all the stores.  Like, I don’t have to leave my neighborhood for Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s.  In fact, to hit all four of those in one errand-filled afternoon is not a hard task.  And often at my local stores, the very products I ordered through Thrive go on sale.  Every few months or so, the health and body section at Sprouts is 25% off your purchase, and coupons are frequently available for Acure and EverydayCoconut. At this point, the freedom to purchase a couple of products as I need them outweighs the luxury of having a box load of my favorite things show up at my doorstep.

Shopping Around
On a smaller scale and for an online retailer with no membership fee, I recommend  They have an excellent rewards program and make it easy to save on top of sale prices with additional promo codes.  I only made a purchase on iHerb once (I bought many of the same products above) and liked the convenience.  In the end, though, I repurchase these items infrequently (2-3 times annually) and prefer the immediacy of shopping in-store rather than online for them.

The subscription bundle I cannot recommend enough and continue to order monthly is The Honest Company*.  I’ve been a customer for three years straight and still love it.  While many of the products are now available at local stores (Target, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco) in my area, I actually like the convenience of this online bundle and find value in the savings and occasional freebies.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way.  The products and companies mentioned do not know me at all. 

*This is my personal invite link. If you sign up and make a purchase using this link, I receive a credit towards my future purchases at The Honest Company.  In turn, you’ll get your own invite link which you can share and receive credits, too. Yay. 

Talk Back: Which subscriptions and bundles do you love?  Share links in the comments!

xo, mh

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