at the table [happy anniversary]

atthetableCan I get you a drink? Some coffee or tea? A glass of wine? Grab a seat, there are snacks on the table. Make yourself at home. I’m so happy you’re here!

I’ve had this blog for one year and while I have not posted as frequently or consistently as I might have dreamt, I’m generally happy with the content here. There are a few little posts and here and there that I could have tossed. And for every essay or article posted, there are at least five incomplete and unpublished pieces still on deck.  Personal, how-to’s, recipes, ideas.  I’ve started and stopped more times than I can count, and I count it all as process.

Here’s what’s happening around here, right now (Friday night):

Blasting: Tristan Prettyman. I know her songs so well–they got me through college—and they sort of ease me into writing.
Drinking: Jasmine Green Tea. Switching to wine very soon.
Loving: Cara Cara Oranges. In salad or straight up, we’re obsessed right now.
Reading: I Believe, A Study of the Nicene Creed; the latest issues of domino and Darling
Watching: If it isn’t the NCAA tournament, it’s Gilmore Girls on Netflix.
Planning: Two bridal showers, catering snack menus, IF:Table menus
Shopping: For work shoes and pants, and bridesmaids dresses for two weddings
Dreaming: Pizza and champagne hang out with one of my best girlfriends tomorrow!
Waiting: For my husband to come home bearing takeout from Shake Shack. It’s one of those nights and I won’t regret it!

TALK BACK: What are you up to this weekend?

Thank you for joining me at the table today. Let’s do it again soon!

xo, mh

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