i scream, you scream! {links}

iscreamyouscream_titleI love a great frozen treat and Fourth of July weekend is the perfect excuse for indulging, right?

Since I’ve got some ideas swirling around my brain, here are some sweet finds to help you whip up your favorite frozen varieties all summer long:

  1.  Ice cream sandwich mold.  OK, as much as I want to love the cute ice cream sandwich focused shoppes that are popping up these days, I prefer the old-fashioned soft cake-like outer layer to the new homemade cookie version.  While much of the appeal seems to be the ability to customize your treat, the cookies make it tough to eat as a sandwich nor do they have time to mold together.  But I am a fan of twisting up flavors (of course!) so this contraption is a must-have! Note: I have not personally used this item, but I certainly plan on acquiring one and posting an update at a later date.  Stay tuned. (Pair with this cookie mix for an awesome summertime hostess gift!)
  2. Scoops.  I use scoops like a commercial kitchen – for batter and cookie dough and biscuits and meatballs.  But you’ve got to have a great ice cream scoop, too.
  3. Ice cream maker.  My mama gave me one for Christmas when I was 20 and it was like the best gift ever.  It stayed at my family’s home for a while until I could sneak it into my Honda Accord and take it across the state-line to my apartment during college.  It’s been in my possession ever since, and each summer, I keep the bowl in my freezer for the moment inspiration strikes.
  4. Ice cream tubs.  You’ll love these for storing your homemade ice cream.  I have two and they are great.  For gifting a batch, or if you plan to have more than two flavors going on at once, I’ve had my eye on these disposable tubs.  And since they’re white, the decor and labeling possibilities are endless. ;)
  5. Jars.  For storing homemade caramel sauce and hot fudge.  Because even if you have store-bought ice cream, homemade sauces instantly kick it up a notable notch for guests.
  6. Speaking of store-bought ice cream we are big fans of Alden’s right now.  Including the Mint Fudge Sandwiches.  Run, do not walk, and go get yourself a few tubs.

This is why we work out, people!  Enjoy.

*Note: This post is not sponsored.  All thoughts and suggestions are my own.  

xo, mh

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