a boho bridal toast

boho_titleIn just over a month, my youngest sister is getting married!  Since friends and family will be traveling to Orlando for the wedding, I gave her a bridal shower in her hometown so that she could celebrate with a few of her now long-distance friends that will not be attending the ceremony and reception.

Check out below for decor and food details!

boho_cheersThe inspiration for the theme of this party was bohemian garden party.  The colors were peach and sage.  Flowers were based off of daisies and greenery.

Guests entered through the side gate into the backyard.  On entry wall was a quote from Pride and Prejudice, the book which my sister is making pages from used copies into wedding bouquets, “We are all fools in love.”

boho_emptyIn attempt to create dreamy space, I ordered 40 yards of organza from Amazon for draping.  I bought three sheer window panels ($5 a piece!) at Target to section off the patio.

The main table was dressed with a roll of wrapping paper from Paper Source, and set with plates also from PS.  Candles, flowers, tissue confetti (from Michaels) and salt water taffy were spread about.

boho_wreathWe made dream catchers using embroidery hoops and lace with a variety of ribbon that came in the perfect shades and textures!

I bought several bunches of silk flowers from Michaels to use on the large grapevine wreath and wired circles.  The morning of the party, I went to Trader Joe’s hoping for fresh pale green hydrangeas but instead found bouquets of matching wild daisies and greens!  It was meant to be.

boho_wall boho_drinks2

The sweets were housed in an organza-draped teepee.  More on the desserts below. A large ribbon garland dressed up the beverage table.  I used a Rifle Paper Co. banner kit for the SWEET and CHEERS signs.

boho_motifThe beautiful invitation motif was hand-painted by OH MAI! art creations.  I used the motif for the invitation itself (on Paper Source paper and envelopes), as well as coasters and favor tags.

On the invitation, I called this shower a special dinner, Toast to Rachell.  So, for the menu, I focused on toast!  Crostini, bruschetta, all the toasts!


Eats: tomato bruschetta on garlic toast; brie and jam toast; hummus, cucumber and yogurt sauce on naan; cheddar and bacon toast; roasted honey-thyme pears on goat cheese bruschetta; avocado citrus toast.  Mango, avocado salad with white balsamic vinaigrette. And bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese.  Because what’s a party without dates?

Sweets: homemade lemon cake with fresh strawberry frosting; macarons from Trader Joe’s; vanilla meringues from TJ’s; and candy coated marshmallows.  Favors were vanilla and orange creamsicle cotton candy from a local candy store.

Drinks: bubbly, of course.  I had regular OJ and a tropical version which was the favorite. Spa water – it is a shower, after-all – in a large dispenser worked well!

boho_sceneBefore the bride’s arrival, I asked everyone to be thinking about two things: the first time they met her and a special memory they share.  Once the platters were being passed, each woman around the table took turns speaking.  It was sweet and lovely; it was the point of the evening, to reflect and celebrate and look forward.


My girlfriend Karri, who helped a ton with prep and set up, put together a couple of games as backup, but we ended up not using them.  We didn’t need them because the ladies were catching up and had enough to talk about that we didn’t need to force anything.  I love that kind of party.

After the party, Karri and I experimented with pouring champagne over cotton candy and it was the perfect little candlelit celebration!

Bonus: Not only did he figure out all the draping and anything that required tools, since the party was outdoors, my husband handled cleanup of the kitchen and dining table prep areas while I hosted in the backyard.  By the time we were bringing platters and glasses inside at the end, the kitchen had been cleaned and a load run in the dishwasher.  And then after Karri and I had a couple of drinks outside, the kitchen was clean again.  Partner-in-parties strikes again.

xo, mh

*Note: This post is not sponsored, not even by the companies listed throughout this post.  All products mentioned and seen in the photos above were purchased by me personally.

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