so long, summer.

summer_titleHappy Labor Day Weekend!

Looking back three months ago, I admit that I underestimated how jam-packed life would be this summer.  It had much to do with the fact that we did not have any big vacations planned, plus I committed to taking a break from dinner parties in June and July.  Somehow I missed (or denied) the fact that I had at least one plane trip per month on the books, including two cross-country jaunts within three weeks.  That’s a lot of summer travel for me.

I write this out as an excuse for neglecting this very important part of my world for nearly two months straight.  Each week was either for winding down from one trip or preparing for the next.

And now, here we are in the first week of September settling into a new season and, for most of us, embracing a sense of routine.  It’s the perfect time to pause, reevaluate and reflect on the past few months.



One weekend trip included two professional soccer games in two different cities.  It was fast and epic and a crazy kickoff to summer.

IMG_8827 IMG_8794

The next month I headed to Boston for a conference and was able to squeeze in local eats and historic sights.  What an incredible place – I will definitely be back and not just for the lobster.


Three weeks later, we went to central Florida where my baby sister got married.  It was beautiful and fun, and not without sandwiches and coffee.  Weddings are a whirlwind, for sure!


Will travel for sports.  Certainly one of our favorite things to do on weekend trips is to attend a local sporting event–bonus if it’s MLS soccer.


Finally, I think the best way to toast the close of summer is with really delicious seafood for my husband’s birthday.

We made it.  The weather is cooling down and we can finally stay in one place for a few weeks (before the next wedding!). I’m looking forward to an upcoming bridal lunch, making snacks for a friend’s craft event and gathering with our people around the table again.  I’m grateful for adventure and making memories, and absolutely cherish this time to slow down at home, too.

TALK BACK: How was your summer?  What are you looking forward to this fall?

xo, mh

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