slow down


After a fairly busy summer, I find it so important to pause and reevaluate as I settle into a new routine and brace for the holiday season to come.  So make yourself a cup of tea, diffuse your favorite oils and take a deep breath with me.

September presents a bit of a lull.  I mean, it starts with the excitement that comes with the back-to-school rush, but this year I’m being intentional about embracing the time to slow down.

And yet, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, I find myself lacking energy and enthusiasm for the present.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s next, what’s important and what can go.  I can tell you that what is important includes my people, books, writing and eating well.  Among the things that I’m ready to let go, well, I’ve got a couple of closets to purge and party supplies to toss or give to a friend.

For my what’s next list, you’ll have to stay tuned, but I assure you it is fun, relaxed and includes a couple of creative kicks.  That’s what I’m craving for the next few months: a break for creativity.

It’s no secret that I find my center with a wooden spoon in my hand stirring sauce or with an offset spatula layering a cake, serving platters spread amongst the dining table with friends new and old seated around us.  And I’m looking forward to more of that again.  It’s important to take a break, and even better to come back around with more intention and greater purpose.


Cheers to growing and all that, friends.

xo, mh

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