15 weeks of painting {a creative challenge}

15weeks_titleLast week, I mentioned that I’ve got some new creative ventures coming up and I’m excited to share one of them today: the 15 Weeks of Painting project.  I’m challenging myself to complete one painting per week from now until the end of 2016.

Now, it’s important to note that I am no artist and have not been formally trained in painting or art of any kind.  I’m a writer that likes to paint for fun and wish that I was good at it.

This project is my latest effort to learn and grow creatively, to stretch a muscle and fill a void.  Why?  For no other reason than to have fun and complete a challenge.  Perhaps I’ll dig into the why at a later time.  I’d prefer to just get started.

In order to just paint, I bought a tabletop easel and fresh brushes.  I’ve also given myself a deadline and some guidelines (naturally):

  • Weeks run Monday-Sunday.
  • I’ll post about it every other week, share what I’ve done and some thoughts along the way.
  • I’ll start with acrylics and will venture into watercolor and gouache paints soon.

Week one is shown in the title image above.  Bright and to the point.  Already totally different from other canvases I’ve painted, with all the colors and not so many layers.

I’m hoping that this sparks a good flow for the new year and that by the start of 2017, I’ll have new creative goals and challenges to embrace.

Let’s paint!

xo, mh

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