at the table {it’s been a while}


Can I get you a drink? Some coffee or tea? A glass of wine? Grab a seat, there are snacks on the table. Make yourself at home. I’m so happy you’re here!

Just a friendly reminder that this is not my full-time job.  Therefore, sometimes this space gets neglected when work and more importantly my personal life gets busy.  I’m always a little sad when weeks and weeks go by without publishing a single paragraph, but it happens.

I’m grateful for the busy work/personal life jam right now.  It feels good. Slowing down to blog though, even if I’m just adding to the stack of drafts on file, is absolutely one of my favorite things.

Here’s what’s happening around here, right now:

Listening: Johnnyswim.  I’ve had their new album on loop in my office lately – so good!
Drinking: Water, lots of water.  Also, passion fruit La Croix – yum.
ReadingYes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson
Watching: The Good Place. I’m weeks behind on new TV shows this season, but they’re all saved in my DVR list.  Making progress, slowly but surely.  This one seems like a nice light break and I enjoy Kristen Bell.
Planning: Apple Dinner 2016!
Cooking: Chicken and roasted vegetables.  Simple, quick and delicious.
Dreaming: Of cozy nights staying in with warm meals and testing holiday sweets recipes.  ‘Tis the season!
Waiting: College basketball Tip-Off Marathon!!

TALK BACK: How’s your week going?

Thank you for joining me at the table today. Let’s do it again soon!

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