football eclairs


This was supposed to be published at the start of the current NFL season.  I think November 7 is a good at time as any, so enjoy!

Go, Team!  Football season is going strong and for me that means cheering for the Broncos and Aztecs (what a season, so far!) until college basketball season begins in a matter of days.

Next time your team plays or a friend invites you over to watch a game, I suggest making these mini eclairs!  I whipped some up for the Super Bowl earlier this year and again two months ago for a friend’s crafting party where they made football team themed wreaths (of course!).

I followed this pate a choux recipe and this pastry cream recipe (add vanilla bean), Guittard chocolate for the shell and white candy melts for laces.  There are many ways to approach the eclair but the recipes linked here worked perfectly for this version.

wingsLast week, tTo kickoff the season (weeks ago), I made these wings and they were so delicious, I may have declared this the season of wing recipes.  Send me your recipe suggestions!

TALK BACK: What are you making, serving, eating, requesting on this football season’s menu?  Share links to your favorites in the comments section.

xo, mh

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