from my recipe box: for the holidays

recipes_holidaysIt’s the last weekend before the turkey hits the table, so I thought it would be a good time to share my classic turkey recipe (below!).  I made this turkey three times before I switched things up last year, and it’s one I know I’ll go back to throughout the years.  And you still have time to thaw a frozen turkey for the brine!

And, just in case you’re still looking for inspiration or simple recipes to whip up, here are a bunch of my favorites:

*If you know me, you know that recipes are guides. Suggested routes. If necessary, I made some notes with each one here to let you know what I did differently.

Kelsey Nixon’s pie dough. When something works well, there’s no need to change it up! This is great for traditional pies, galettes, savory varieties and tarts. Personally, I’ll be making a few batches this weekend and more throughout the holidays so that I have a few discs in the freezer.
Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese by Shauna Niequist. They’re a divine crowd pleaser, perfect for any dinner party or casual get together. You can make them early in the day and serve at room temperature. Yum!
– If you’re looking for a new dessert recipe that will WOW your in-laws or new friends, try my apple butter creme brûlée recipe.
King Arthur Flour’s chocolate cream pie filling recipe is one I’ve been using for years. Note: I use the KAF chocolate filling recipe, along with the pie crust listed above and then I make my own whipped cream.  Also, I use flour instead of cornstarch.
These biscuits are a delicious alternative to dinner rolls! Or, serve them for breakfast. Either way, whip up some honey-salt butter. Hint: You can make the dough up to two days ahead of time. Drop the biscuits onto a cookie sheet, pop that in the freezer for 30 minutes before you can place them into a plastic bag or container. When you’re ready to bake them, just place the biscuits back onto a cookie sheet and adjust cook time as needed.
Ina Garten’s macaroni and cheese recipe is a staple on our fall holiday menus. I use a cup of heavy cream in lieu of one of milk.
– If you’re planning for a crowd that will come over early in the day to watch football on Thanksgiving (or on New Year’s Eve!), make these chicken wings!  I used Cholula because that’s what we had in the refrigerator.  I like that it’s a simple recipe that can be changed up with your favorite hot sauce and spices.

And there you have it! Straight from my recipe box to yours, I hope you find some inspiration and maybe encouragement in this list.  It’s all about cooking with love and thoughtfulness–not stress or pressure–and putting food on the table for the people you hold dear.


TALK BACK: What are your favorite recipes and tips for the holidays?  Share in the comments or use #xoturkey on social media.

xo, mh

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