here’s to the holidays!

holidays2016Less than one week until Christmas.  Less than two weeks until the New Year.

This post is one big hug to you as we prepare for a busy week filled with excitement, last-minute errands, dinner parties and time with friends and family.

There’s often a lot of pressure to dream up a great menu that will please diverse palettes and to prepare a special place where many will join you to celebrate this meaningful holiday season.

As we celebrate, I want to encourage us all to worry less and love more at that beautiful table you’ve set or to the one you’ve been invited.  Whether it’s a scratch-made dinner or frozen pizza, whether you’ve crafted special place cards or if you’re using disposable tableware, don’t stress about making it all perfect–no one likes a perfect dinner party, anyway.  Boring.

Whether you’re taking it all on (bless you!), sharing responsibilities or bringing flowers and wine to extended family, I urge you to take a deep breath and take it easy on yourself.  And others.  Especially now, these days.

More than the recipes and the gifts, the traditions or new ideas, fill your table with love and kindness.  Fill it with warmth and laughter, and be open to all who knock on the door and pull up a chair.

Begin with a toast and a prayer, look your people in the eye.  It’s been a year.

Here’s to good health, great company and hope.  Here’s to love and warmth and gathering together.  Here’s to glad and sincere hearts, sweet souls and honest conversations.  To belonging and being heard.  Here’s to joy and loud laughs, abundant happiness and genuine friendship.  I give thanks for each one, and pray for blessings into the new year. 

xo, mh

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