nothing to prove by jennie allen

fullsizerender-3Let me start by saying that I was fortunate and happened to be signed into my email when I received the invitation to sign up to be a part of the launch team for Jennie Allen’s new book.  I filled out the form and received my uncorrected proof copy in the mail.  Immediately, I wondered how I could get on more book launch teams because the excitement is thrilling and I’m all in on it.

Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen is straight out of the author’s heart and hope for our generation.  Anyone who follows along with Jennie’s teaching and leadership of the IF:Gathering and has ever heard her speak or seen her in action on social media will see her same message, in a deeper way, in print.

This book is exactly what you need to make you stop, name your junk and give it up.

I was weeping in the first 60 pages. I say that not to warn you but to illustrate that it is deeply moving; a message that we can all stand to listen to and if you are open to receiving it at just the right moment, it will shift your mind and in turn, your faith.  For me, I’ll say the Holy Spirit was shifting my mind, my will and my emotions as I read those first 60 pages.

tumblr_ok1s6oqp4u1w3j8bao1_1280It’s a book for those who strive.  Strive to have faith, to do good, to prosper, to rise and to do big things.  The point is to stop striving.  Our paths are already made straight, our worth was already bought, paid for on a cross.  As the cover says, we can stop trying so hard.

This is about hope for resting in who God is; who we were each made to be as a part of His Great Story.  Dwell in His grace, look to His understanding and live out your true purpose.

Personally, I’m thankful for Jennie’s work on the pages of this book.  She cares deeply about this generation, about shifting our perspective away from our imperfect selves towards our Perfector.

You can click here to purchase the book today and to learn more.  Consider joining the online book club to dig deeper with a sweet community.

I cannot wait for you to read it and to hear what you think! (And to finally have people to talk to about it!!)

tumblr_ok1qeu0kgp1w3j8bao1_1280*Note: As mentioned, I received a free, unedited proof version of Nothing to Prove.  Other than that, I am not being compensated for this post. Just sharing and celebrating a very exciting book launch.  Enjoy!

xo, mh

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