vegas favorites for a fancy dinner date

fancy-dinner-datesIt’s February, which means it’s time to get fancy.

The foundation for any successful date night is the right dinner.  In Las Vegas, there are so many options in every price range that we often have a hard time deciding where to go for a special meal. (And I can be very indecisive and put a lot of pressure on the ultimate decision, but that’s another post…)

Going out for Valentine’s Day can sound overrated, but I think special date nights are important any time of the year–even on February 14.  With the holiday on a Tuesday this year, I plan to keep with tradition and make lasagna for dinner and something decadent for dessert.  Typically, we still mark the occasion on an off day with that special dinner date.  Any excuse for a fancy meal, right?

In case you’re local and looking for ideas for February 14, the upcoming weekend or any special date, here are some of our favorites for fancy, romantic nights out:

  • Honey Salt.  I’m partial to the lunch menu and go for the chicken sandwich with the best kale caesar salad ever, but the dinner selection is excellent as well.  Great drink menu and atmosphere, too! (On the casual side of fancy.)
  • Echo & Rig.  You simply cannot go wrong here.  Brunch, happy hour or dinner.  On the small plates menu alone, don’t pass on the thick-cut bacon or avocado toast.  I’d also recommend the roasted carrots. Every entrée I’ve had (and I’ve had a few) is memorable, as is the happy hour hot dog.  Seriously.  Service is a win as well.
  • Giada at The Cromwell.  It’s gorgeous and modern, perfect for a rare night out on The Strip.  Walking into the restaurant feels instantly special, so dress for the occasion for the full effect.  The antipasti and charcuterie platters are great here.  I like that classic lemon spaghetti with shrimp and Sean still talks about the lobster ravioli.  Yum.
  • Bouchon at the Venetian.  It’s Thomas Keller’s classic restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip and we’re so happy it’s here.  I go for the mussels and think they’re everything you want in a French bistro.  Just add: gin martini.  Always order dessert.
  • (BONUS: BRUNCH DATE) DW Bistro. We really like the new location in The Gramercy.  Celebrate early this year (or late!) and go for the weekend brunch with bottomless mimosas.  Start with the pastry basket, order chilaquiles and pork hash, and no matter what, get the eggs poached.  You’re welcome!

TALK BACK: Have you been to any of these restaurants?  Any other suggestions for a fancy dinner date?

xo, mh

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