update: my green[er] beauty routine

greenerbeauty_titleYou can read about how and why I originally choose green beauty in my post here.

I’m not a beauty professional nor an expert in green cosmetics.  However, I’m a consumer just like most of you reading this, and I always appreciate like-minded recommendations and curated information.  Maybe my story will encourage you or at the very least, you’ll have a conversation piece for the workroom, and perhaps have new products to try out or suggest to an allergy-ridden friend.

Before I share part of my new routine, I should ensure you that I still stand by the products I posted two years ago.  I’ve written a little here about the products that I found worked for me.  I used them for several years with success, without breaking the bank.  Most of my first green go-to’s were affordable and easy-t0-find.  They work well and served my family well.

Recently though, I had to make more changes.  Not because there was anything wrong with products that I was using, but due to my body’s reaction to very specific ingredients.  The things that have a negative affect on my skin are not all bad like preservatives–though I have learned about one that is still used in “clean” products that I need to avoid–but includes things used for natural healing.  I’m thankful for testing and dermatologists.

This batch of products is part of my new haul and my green alliance is now a health-related essential in addition to being my preferred lifestyle.  Fortunately, while not inexpensive, most of my new list can be purchased at Whole Foods and Sprouts markets.  A few are available at my local Target store.

The following products, mostly vegan and made without phenoxyethanol or chamomile flower extract, are currently working for me:

I’m still shopping for: makeup foundation, body cream and lotion.  If you have any suggestions along the lines mentioned above, please let me know in the comments or email me at xomodernhousewife@gmail.com.

My goal is to put this out there in case someone else is overwhelmed by the surprise of new allergies, sitting up at night desperately sifting through pages and lists of scientific terms and information, looking for any hopeful sign that you might one day feel glamorous in your skin again. I’m with you!

*NOTE: This post is not sponsored and these brands have no idea who I am.  I’m just an allergy-ridden consumer that wants to share what is working for me.  :)

xo, mh

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