on the march {a late post}

This post was originally written on Sunday, January 22, 2017. 

This was a historic weekend in our country and I don’t want to let it slip by without marking it with hope.  No matter what you think about the president, one cannot ignore how great America is when you scroll through the images and listen to the speeches from around the world at yesterday’s marches.  You can’t read about the peaceful, unified groups of American humans representing a myriad issues that deserve equal attention and justice without feeling like we might just be a part of the best country in the world.

Watch six-year-old world-changer Sophie Cruz encourage a sea of protestors in Washington, D.C. with love and power.

We have work to do.  For Sophie, for my nephews and nieces and future children.  For my mama and grandmas who lived in a different time than this, who may just have prayed for the day when we can rise and gather and march for kindness and equality for all people.

While I did not physically join the local march, I was surely in tune with what was happening.  Before the marches were announced, I scheduled our first IF:Table small group of 2017.  I listened to the rally in D.C. while I prepared my table for a strong, diverse group of women that would join me.  I experienced no shortage of emotions while I whipped eggs into a frittata, sipped coffee, sliced oranges and burnt the bacon.

Before we ate and talked about this month’s topic, which was isolation and a move to gather regularly, we prayed.  We prayed for each other and our brunch, for our friends and members of our community locally and worldwide participating in this momentous civil protest.

There is so much more to say and to write. But I wrap this post with renewed hope and an urge to keep talking.  Let’s keep talking and listening to our neighbors and friends and colleagues.  Let’s be better for each other, for our country and for the world.

I post this one month later because it still matters.  The Women’s March is now a global movement.  I’m still listening and reading and now, more than ever, I want to learn about it all.  

xo, mh

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