the oscars are on sunday!

oscars_titleThe Oscars are on Sunday!

Naturally, I started thinking about viewing party essentials — even though I’m not hosting nor attending one this year. It’s a busy weekend in social settings so by the time Sunday evening rolls around, I’m envisioning a full R & R scene: snacks, sweats, wine and lots of blankets.

That truth doesn’t stop me from dreaming up a stellar menu fit for the occasion along with a few fine touches to set the mood. Instead of mocking up some fake version of what I’d do, here’s a curated list of my favorites from around the web by people who have it together! This list is made up of things I’d do, so it’s not completely random.

First, the food.

snacks_crafts_truffes popcorn

Try some of my simple party/snack food recipes: chocolate truffles with sparkling sugar sprinkles; meat and cheese platter; chocolate covered strawberries; popcorn.

img_9525If you’re feeling charming, get inspired by Food52’s nine recipes inspired by this year’s nominees.

img_8625If you’ve got a few friends coming over, this would be the perfect event for a fabulous bruschetta bar (Gaby has all the best ideas!) and ice cream sundae bar (my humble example, above).

Also, incorporate a fun game like BINGO, which is perfect for any sort of viewing party.

Cupcakes and Cashmere has a great printable set available here (and seen above), and I’ll probably be playing along.

The Every Girl and TheSkimm have ballots available to make predictions and keep track. You can take it to the next level by inviting participants to throw in a dollar amount or by providing movie-themed prizes.

And hey, before you roll your eyes at the plethora of beautiful viewing parties found around social media right now, remember that it’s all about the experience.  Perhaps that means just a few great bars of chocolate, your favorite wine and popcorn. Keep it simple and fun – this is the movies after-all!

TALK BACK: How will you be watching the Oscars? Any predictions?  Who are you excited to see?

xo, mh

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